Paranormal Research Association of Colorado

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Nate Goldstein, MA

Lead Investigator and Founder

I have a Master's degree in Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I bring a science-first attitude to the PRAC.  I've been a professional research scientist for nearly fifteen years, I'm an avid photographer, and I'm an explorer of all things unexplained.

I joined the Paranormal Research Association of Boston in August, of 2009.  I worked for three years as the Public Relations Officer under Lead Investigator Ian Murphy.  In June of 2012 I moved to Denver, Colorado and founded the sister organization, the Paranormal Research Association of Colorado.  We remain a strongly-affiliated division of the Boston team.

Status: Active Team Roster, and Media Contact

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Twitter: @PRAC_Nate

Instagram: Nate_in_Denver